What I learned by Becoming a Conference Speaker

What I learned by Becoming a Conference Speaker

May 13, 2020

2019 was a very exciting year for me it’s the year when I made my first official public speaking. I was so stressed, my voice was waving and I miss a lot of information per slide..

being in such a stressful situation means that I’m not in my comfort zone anymore, I believe if I want to learn I have to escape from the comfort zone. I learned a lot while trying to survive out of my zone:

1.Going deep

It’s easy to memorize some technical words about x or y technology and talk about it (like we do in school projects) especially when your audience is junior, but being a speaker (a good one ) enforce you to know almost everything about what’s you will present (History, Terminology, Best practices…), try to predict your audience questions and consume more resources. This process will give you more self-confidence and help you to learn about this complex stuff, And honestly knowing this shadow part of the subject gives you more ability to understand the “why” for a tool/technology.

2. Handling stress

The stress is the daily struggle of everyone but when you’re in a conference speaker you got more because of multiple reasons :

  • Miss-understanding something
  • Technical issues
  • Exceed time without finishing your presentation
  • Dyslexia
  • broken English

From my little experience, the best way to avoid being stressed in this kind of situations is to be more and more exposed to this thing your brain will find a way to handle this situation

3. Network

The biggest thing I think I benefited a lot in expanding my professional and personal network. Make new friends learning other people culture and meet a very influencing people that can help you to get a job, join a Bootcamp…

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Written by Abderrahim SOUBAI-ELIDRISI full stack JavaScript developer. Interested in web Technologies & cloud computing & problem solving. Follow him on twitter